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We sell authentic and (mostly) self-guided bike trips, hiking trips and driving tours in over 10 different European countries.
Europe Lives promotes affordable travel, freedom and flexibility. Feel free to touch base with us.

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    Catering to the Boomer Style of Travel in Europe

    Are we talking about the adult male kangaroo in Australia nicknamed “Boomer”? Or about someone who was born during the period of increased birth rates when economic prosperity rose in many countries following World War II? Both species love their freedom…  

    As a guy born in The Netherlands in the early sixties, who later studied travel marketing, I have often asked myself the question: “Why is this group of consumers so interesting to us?” As a child of a Baby Boomer couple, I have to tell you that I do realize how different my youth must have been from yours and I do realize that we all make choices based on very different experiences (and sometimes values) including our travel decisions. 

    I recently started my own travel company for individual travel to Europe, together with two other professionals. It’s not my first company as I already own a travel wholesaler but this time I’m focusing strictly on the Baby Boomer generation. 
    My biggest passion is travel: to meet new people, discover other places and be amazed by the variety of cultures and habits that are often so different from ours. Do you recognize that feeling in yourself? 
    EuropeAnd it’s so much easier now. You don’t need to speak (all of) their language (most Europeans speak English anyways), you don’t need the old fashioned ‘money belt’ or to know the exact opening hours of banks. Two or so credit cards will do the trick. 
    Here, at Europe Lives (that’s the name of my company) we like simplicity as the best things in life are the simple things (recognize Joe Cocker’s lyrics?). 
    Europe Lives provides an organizational framework so you can focus on what you really want – experiencing Europe face-to-face in a way that’s extremely personal. We understand your needs and so crafted a new selection of on-the-ground trips designed for independent Boomers who want to connect with real people and authentic places in a meaningful way. 
    Santiago de CompstelaEach of our self-guided trips is deliberately crafted to maximize encounters with local culture. We encourage our customers to shop and eat in local markets and advise them on undiscovered restaurants and routes along roadways that maximize the opportunity to engage with locals and discover a unique region. Each trip is also tailored to allow travelers to stay in small, locally owned inns where they can experience authentic Europe. 
    Our tours include a wonderful walking trip along the Chianti vineyards in Tuscany, a combined driving and walking trip to the fascinating Pilgrims Trail to Santiago de Compostela, and a bicycle trip from Amsterdam into the Dutch countryside to meet with locals. 
    I’d love to hear what you think about our trips as we would like to learn from Boomers’ experiences. I encourage you to drop me a line or connect with us through Facebook. The world is so much closer than we often think thanks to modern technology. Please visit our website at: europelives.com.

    We will miss you….R.I.P.

    Live like a local in streets on Crete (Greece). Try a driving tour.

    Views from our agriturismo in Tuscany. EuropeLives.com loves to spoil walkers and cyclists…

    Get some inspiration on warm and friendly Crete.

    Leiden (Netherlands), February 8, 2012 ~ Party time!

    After watching this beautiful flamenco performance, We’re sure that you want to check out our authentic trips to Spain.

    Cordoba: trail of cultures

    Walking through the streets of Cordoba is like going from one period in history to another. This city in Andalusia has a unique wealth of monuments. Its historic centre has the UNESCO World Heritage designation, and this is not only on account of the Great Mosque. Why don’t you come and discover it for yourself?


    Over the centuries, the different peoples and cultures who settled in Cordoba left a priceless legacy of monuments in the streets of the city. If you come to southern Spain, then make a note to visit this destination. This city in Andalusia had all of Europe in awe during the Middle Ages. When you see its stunning heritage, you will understand why.

    The most important monument in Cordoba is its Great Mosque. It is considered the most important Islamic monument in the West, and is doubtless one of the world’s most fascinating works of art. Its “forest” of columns, its two-tone arches and its decor, along with the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque elements of the Christian cathedral built within it make this a unique, stunning architectural site.

    Besides the Great Mosque you will find other magnificent buildings in this city. A gentle stroll around the historic centre will take you to the Alcázar (Palace) of the Christian Monarchs, with its beautiful gardens, its Moorish baths, and the Mosaic Room, where you can see the wonderful collection of Roman mosaics found beneath Plaza de la Corredera Square. Head for the narrow streets of the Jewish Quarter where you can admire the beautiful plasterwork of its Synagogue. Also worth visiting are the Medina Azahara archaeological site, the typical Cordoba patios at Viana Palace, the Potro Inn, mentioned in Don Quixote, the Baroque Merced Convent, Calahorra Tower…

    The list of monuments is long, so it is a good idea to head for one of Cordoba’s Tourist Offices to make sure you don’t get lost. You can also discover Cordoba in an unusual, attractive way, with two special tourist programmes. The first, Cordoba Walks, is a nocturnal guided tour, exploring the old town on foot. It also includes something to eat in a traditional tavern and dramatised scenes where illustrious figures will tell you historic stories about the city.

    Europe Lives has an attractive and authentic 10-day self-drive trip called The Moorish Towns of Andalucia. You get to visit the three Moorish cities of Andalucia: Córdoba, Sevilla and Granada. At your own pace, discover the many magnificent monuments, enjoy the modern-day gastronomy, flamenco music, and an endless labyrinth of narrow lanes. All in one trip!

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